New Camel Compact Activate

Camel Compact Activate



Camel Compact Activate

Carton - 10 packs - 200 cigarettes

Tar 5mg, Nicotine 0.5mg, CO 6mg

Capsule with Lemon and Mint taste.

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$50.79 per carton

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Camel is an iconic tobacco brand. This brand is a very conservative, which is clearly emphasized by the classic taste and design. R. J. Reynolds Tobacco launched it in 1913. During the entire lifetime, Camel did not made serious changes even to the design of the pack. This American brand is very popular around the world and it is ranked 5th in cigarette sales worldwide.

From the very beginning, Camel cigarettes were made with a minimum number of types. The difference between these types was only in tobacco strength and design of the pack. An interesting fact is that throughout 100 years of production, Camel has not produced any flavored cigarettes.

For Camel, the 50s were very tough time, because their main competitor, Marlboro was gaining popularity. And Camel in order to protect its market share made a rebranding. Slightly changed the design of the pack, and now it looks more conservative. Also changed names of strong types of cigarettes.

These days Camel cigarette brand belongs to the JTI Group. For Japanese this brand is the most important, because it brings JTI 25% of the total income.

Camel cigarettes have the perfect blend of Virginia and Turkish tobacco. One of the main success keys of this brand is the unique combination of high quality tobacco and low price. Camel Filters is in top ten of most purchased cigarette brands in the world.

Camel is the only tobacco brand in the world who used an animal as a symbol. Consumers were shocked by the unconventionality of marketing solution of N.W.Ayer advertising agency, which promoted this project.

As a result of the development of a trademark aimed at strengthening Camel's position in the world market, Camel introduced several new types of cigarettes, differing not only in their taste and aroma, but also in their composition. Therefore, these days you can find on shelves of stores certain modern types of cigarettes under this brand.

Camel cigarettes have a rich, but light taste and these are the distinctive qualities from other tobacco products. The smoke will never cause bitterness in your mouth. It has a mild and nourishing taste, which is ideal for even experienced smokers. Despite the quantity of smoked cigarettes these ones do not feel unpleasant. The density of tobacco that helps cigarette to play long time and premium taste – make this brand an excellent choice for smokers who prefer light tobacco.

As a further evolution of this line, company introduced new size format. Camel Compact Compact cigs meet the modern requirements to cigarette and pack sizes.

In addition Camel Compact Activate comes with two capsules: One for energizing and interesting lemon aroma and refreshing mint taste. Copmany is on the edge of innovations and offers great choice to its fans.

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