Shipping cost

Shipping rate on orders under $99 varies, depending on your location and region:

USA and Canada - $11.99

Europe - $6.99

Australia and New Zealand - $19.99

Rest of world - $9.99

Orders over $99 will be delivered absolutely free!

Shipping method and procedure

We use express air shipping only. Your shipment will be delivered by courier directly to your address on file.

Shipping time is between 12-18 days depending on your location. Generally, most of our shipments delivered within 14 days after cleared payment. You will receive tracking number to check shipping status online.

We declare cigarettes as gifts. It helps you to avoid any questions from customs and other authorities.


Shipments for orders with more than two cartons may be spilt. There will be waiting period between parcels shipped due to customs regulations. Usually 3-7 days between shipments.


Cigarettes packed as single packs without a carton. The maximum amount is 20 packs per parcel. These packs wrapped into opaque film inside the envelope. So visually, nobody can see what is inside.