Davidoff Refine Black



Davidoff Black Refine

1 Carton - 10 packs - 200 cigarettes

Tar 4mg, Nicotine 0.4mg, CO 5mg

Compact size

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$55.34 per carton

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The world-famous Davidoff brand has become an indicator of elegance, luxury and excellent quality. The main secret of the success of the brand is the respect of traditions along with new technologies.

In 1911 trademark founder – Zino Davidoff launched his tobacco business in Switzerland, where his family traded tobacco in a small shop in the city of Geneva.

First time Davidoff cigars were introduced in 1946 and cigar types were named after French wines. Zino was not afraid to rely and concentrate on an expensive products and this strategy finally helped him to succeed. Manufactured in Cuba, his cigars were considered the best in European countries, despite the high prices for all of Davidoff products.

Davidoff cigarettes is the choice of wealthy people due to high prices. They are made of high quality tobacco and occupy luxury cigarettes niche. According to the latest researches it’s very popular brand in many countries around the world. Davidoff cigarettes distinguished themselves by being awarded for the development of unique packaging.

Davidoff Refine Black are another luxury cigarettes in company’s inventory. Davidoff helps you to make the right choice because these cigarettes are just perfect.They are also known for high-quality tobacco and a perfectly balanced taste. Working on Davidoff Refine - Zino Davidoff thought of true connoisseurs of tobacco who would enjoy his product and thank for the perfection created.

Davidoff Black Refine cigarettes contain an low strength premium tobacco blend and have a mild and gentle taste. This combinations is very difficult to find in light cigarettes. To achieve it different tobacco was carefully selected  and precisely mixed into right proportions. Truly premium Davidoff Refine cigarettes are light and in compact size, the taste is soft. Price is also very affordable for this kind of quality. 

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