Dunhill Signature Blend



Dunhill Signature Blend Fine Cut Grey

1 Carton - 10 packs - 200 cigarettes

Tar 1mg, Nicotine 0.1mg, CO 2mg

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The history of Dunhill brand begins in 1907, year when Alfred Dunhill opened a cigar shop for wealthy people. In the early 1990s The company merged with Rothmans, and in the end of the 90s it merged with British American Tobacco.

Dunhill cigarettes - always considered a premium class, but are made by a special method from Virginia blend tobacco. This brand is deservedly appreciated by smokers due to unique tobacco, which contains zero additives.

All over the world, a large number of smokers who tried Dunhill cigarettes finally stops with them. As proof we can mention global positive feedback from smokers, who once again prove the supremacy of Dunhill over other tobacco brands. For many years, the products of this brand retain their truly unique taste and pleasant smell. This is all due to the careful processing of tobacco, which is a good indicator of how the manufacturer cares about the quality of the product.

Fine Cut – is thinner (46 times per square inch), compared to traditional cut. This cut provides softness and refinement of taste.

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