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Esse Secret



Esse Secret

1 Carton - 10 packs - 200 cigarettes

Tar 4mg, Nicotine 0.3mg, CO 2mg

Super Slim

Random Capsule with one of five flavors:

Menthol, Pine, Grape, Tropic, Lime

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Esse cigarettes are popular among women thanks to the wide range of different flavors. Residents of Asian countries are actively consuming tobacco products. This fact stimulates Asian companies for the production of cigarettes. A major player in the tobacco market is Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation. Its range includes more than 100 different brands, among which the most famous is Esse.

KT&G Company, in its products uses elite types of tobacco from around the world. But most cigarettes are made from their own crops. There is special attention given to high quality tobacco. The company develops exclusive fertilizers for its plantations, attracts the best specialists of the agrarian industry.

This approach ensures a constant two-year supply of quality raw tobacco. Even bigger tobacco manufacturers cannot afford this kind of supply.

KT&G products are known all over the world, variety of assortment is surprising. The most successful of the company’s brands is unequivocally Esse.

Initially there were only 4 types of this product:





With the growth of the popularity number of flavors have also increased. Many different flavors have appeared. The manufacturer takes original solutions in the manufacture of its products, presenting mixed tastes and unusual new flavors.

The Esse family is famous for its own characteristic features that help distinguish the brand from other producers. Features include all the components of a classic tobacco product: outer and inner design of the pack, including inscriptions; form of cigarettes; own approach to the composition of cigarettes.

Not many tobacco manufacturers indicate the amount of nicotine on the pack with an accuracy of two decimal places. The Korean company strictly adheres to this accuracy.

The length of cigarettes is bigger than classic cigarettes. The Esse Golden Leaf brand is known as the thinnest cigarette in the world. They are exported to many countries. In order to distinguish, the filter has a picture with an inscription.

The main indicators of the strength of cigarettes - the content of nicotine and tar. Esse cigarettes have minimal levels of these components. The range of nicotine level is 0.25-0.65 mg. Tar can be in the range of 2.5-7 mg.

Esse Secret Super Slims is famous for its unusual, innovative approach. There is a capsule inside the filter of the cigarette. It is filled with a special substance with the random taste of one of five flavors: Menthol, Pine, Grape, Tropic, Lime. If this capsule smoker does not burst it, then the taste will be classic. This approach allows a smoker at any time to turn a classic cigarette into a flavored one that eliminates the tobacco smell.

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