New L&M Loft Mix

L&M Loft Mix



L&M Loft Mix

1 Carton - 10 packs - 200 cigarettes

Tar 6mg, Nicotine 0.5mg, CO 6mg

Compact Size

Watermelon Capsule

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$50.95 per carton

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LM - cigarettes, which are considered to be the best in its price range. Nowadays L&M has a wide range of flavors.

The history of the brand goes back in 1976, when the company Phillip Morris, producer of LM started to lose market shares. So launching new brand was a necessary decision. Today, these cigarettes are very  popular in 75 countries round the world. Main feature of these cigarettes is the great quality at a low price.

In 2016, LM Loft line redesigned of pack and cigarette sticks. Today they are packaged in a neat compact pack, the color of which corresponds to the quantity of tar.

Loft Series are present in three flavors:

Sea Blue - contains 4 mg of tar, are packed into a light blue pack.

Blue is a softer analogue of the original Blue Label, and contains 6 mg of tar.

Night Blue - the strongest of the loft series. Contain 8 mg of tar.

Also we have to mention very special LM Loft with watermelon capsule. These cigs combines 5 mg of tar and a flavored capsule, hidden in the filter. The smoker can crack the capsule, and the cigarette will acquire an unusual refreshing taste. You can leave it untouched and enjoy the classic taste of the cigarette. The difference between LM capsuled cigarettes and similar capsuled stuff of other tobacco brands is that the taste of LM capsule is more reminiscent of lemon than menthol. However, on LM pack indicates only menthol taste.

Today L&M holds the real third place in the popularity rating of cigarettes around the world. They are only behind such giants as Marlboro and Winston.

L&M Loft Mix with watermelon flavored capsule is an innovative product with unsual berry taste at lowest price online!

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