New Marlboro Double Mix

Marlboro Double Mix



Marlboro Double Mix Capsule - Fresh Line

1 Carton - 10 packs - 200 cigarettes

Tar 5mg, Nicotine 0.4mg, CO 5mg

Compact pack

2 Capsules: Menthol and Berry

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$59.00 per carton

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History of Marlboro cigarettes

Philip Morris Company originated in London. Brand name has been chosen after the London’s Great Marlborough Street, where first production factory has been placed.

At the very beginning Marlboro cigarettes have been advertised as female cigarette brand. And initially Philip Morris wanted Marlboro brand to be a women's choice, Because taste was very mild compared to other cigarettes on the market. First slogan of a company was: "Mild As May". Filter has been also designed with red stripe around to hide lipstick touches. There was a logo: "Beauty Tips to Keep the Paper from Your Lips".on this printed red stripe.

Marketing of Marlboro Cigarettes

Later in 1950, PM changed Marlboro cigarettes and used totally different approach to marketing. Company launched a campaign for changing the Marlboro cigarettes from women’s brand to men’s and masculine it. The first “Marlboro Man” was based on images of brave men like a war journalist, a sea captain, and the legendary cowboy. Cowboy become a real icon of the brand for many years.

First, the cowboy was a real proof that the cigarette filter does not affect the taste of the tobacco. "The filter does not stand between you and the taste."

The Cowboy campaign, in which the photomodels took part (later they were replaced by real cowboys) had an incredible success. Cowboy - the embodiment of the American spirit – was real “hit the bull’s eye”. Posters represented the real heroes of America - brutal guys who conquer the wild steppes. He conquered all - men and women, blacks and Latinos. Sales of Marlboro in just one year grew so much that they began to occupy the fourth position in the rating of sales of all tobacco products.

Marlboro cigarette types

Marlboro categories are known with a few variations depending on country and location.

There are only three divisions within Marlboro range:

  1. Flavor Line - stands for Red and Full Flavor
  2. Gold Line - mild and special taste - Marlboro Gold and Marlboro Touch
  3. Fresh Line - flavored cigarettes


Marlboro Double Mix cigarettes

Marlboro Double Mix is one of the diamonds within Fresh Line. It comes in a compact pack with cigarettes of 7mm diameter. Innovative technology allows you to enjoy mix of two flavors. The capsule of menthol gives a real fresh touch and the second berry-flavored capsule provides unique taste to every single Marlboro Double Mix Cigarette. Introducing The Fresh Line Philip Morris demonstrated once again that it is still undisputed leader on tobacco market and global trendsetter.

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