Marlboro Touch



Marlboro Touch Clear Taste

1 Carton - 10 packs - 200 cigarettes

Tar 6mg, Nicotine 0.5mg, CO 6mg

Compact pack

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$57.99 per carton

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Marlboro cigarette types

Marlboro categories are known with a few variations depending on country and location.

There are only three divisions within Marlboro range:

  1. Flavor Line - stands for Red and Full Flavor
  2. Gold Line - mild and special taste - Marlboro Gold and Marlboro Touch
  3. Fresh Line - For Flavored Cigarettes


 Marlboro Gold cigarettes features

The mild taste is a distinctive feature of the line previously known as Marlboro Lights.

PM along with other tobacco companies had to remove "Lights” line because that was considered to be misleading and assuring customers that these kind of cigarettes are safer than classical ones.

Marlboro Gold re-branding

After re-branding Marlboro Lights became Marlboro Gold. Gold Line is Marlboro cigarettes division that compromises mild but still very tasty flavor. It was a very successful line that by the mid of 90s had a market share almost equal with Flavor line (Red and Full flavor cigarettes)

Further evolution of this line led to appearance of Marlboro Gold Touch as an innovative line in Marlboro range. With a 7.1mm in diameter  it was just a little thinner than classical Marlboro Gold and offered a great smooth taste and was a perfect diameter to the touch than ordinary sized cigarettes.

Marlboro Touch Era

Another big feature was that Marlboro Gold Touch came in a compact back for better fitting into a pocket.

The compact design as well as the traditionally subtle taste of Marlboro Gold Touch was a real surprise and discovery for millions of adult smokers around the world.

In 2015 as part of the evolution of Gold line, PMI made a total upgrade of Marlboro Gold Touch, and introduced most modern Marlboro Touch cigarettes.

The brand designed a soft touch pack and new filter, while harmonizing it with the other Marlboro cigarettes. New solid filter provides more comfort to stub out cigarette. Top quality, remains along with a great taste. The legendary blend and mild taste of these cigarettes remains on the same great level.

Marlboro Touch is a good answer to adult smokers looking for a premium quality at affordable price. Philip Morris has seriously changed the Marlboro Touch proposition and offering an superb ‘affordable luxury’. The price for these great cigs at our shop is as little as £39.49 per carton with free express shipping for orders with two or more cartons.

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