Reduced price! Rothmans Demi Click

Rothmans Demi Click



Rothmans Demi Click Slims with capsule

1 Carton - 10 packs - 200 cigarettes

Tar 6mg, Nicotine 0.6mg, CO 5mg

Citrus Capsule

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$54.36 per carton

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Rothmans Cigarettes have several qualities that are highly valued - quality and price. Initially this well-known brand was represented a higher price category. Nowadays company decided to expand its customer base by reducing the cost without sacrificing quality. This is incredibly good news for many lovers of this brand, because they will be able to purchase Rothmans at a lower cost, especially at our duty-free store.

The founder of the brand is Louis Rothman, who in 1890 launched one of the largest tobacco businesses in Britain. Finally British American Tobacco, second-largest tobacco company in the world, in 1999 merged the company.

The fact is that experts of British American Tobacco, who work in the tobacco industry for more than a hundred years and keep the company in the leading positions did not what they are doing by buying Rothmans. Products of this tobacco company are always associated with a quality.

Manufacturers strictly relate to the quality of products and offer the product to the buyer in compliance with all standards, which is made from premium tobacco and characterized by a special taste that meets all the requirements of these connoisseurs.

In its price segment, Rothmans considered a leader.

Mid-price segment, the ratio of price and quality is ideal.

Manufacturers have taken care of the unique and worthy design of their products.

Their taste matches all the traditions of British tobacco smoking.

Restraint, refinement, uniqueness - such qualities can definitely be applied to the main characteristics of this English brand. Even the British Lords appreciated the quality of Rothmans.

Manufacturers focus on a special class of tobacco lovers, so they do not produce many different types, like other brands. Stability, consistency and observance of traditions is one of the undoubted positive characteristics of this company. The number of fans of the brand still constantly grows around the world.

Rothmans Demi Click has a compact and modern format. It has citrus flavored capsule and updated Premium+ filter, which does not bend and retains its shape while smoking. Taste of these cigs is less is refreshing and mild.

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