Sobranie Black Refine



Sobranie Black Refine

1 Carton - 10 packs - 200 cigarettes

Tar 6mg, Nicotine 0.5mg, CO 7mg 

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$58.96 per carton

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Sobranie cigarette brand has a long history, it was created more than a century ago - in 1879. From the very beginning of brand introduction to the market of tobacco products, this brand immediately found its customers and connoisseurs. Only exclusive and rare tobacco was used in production of these cigarettes, the manufacturer initially did not use aromatic additives and fillers. Besides that filters are made of chemically pure graphite. Not surprisingly, Sobranie cigarettes became not just a tribute to fashion and a way to emphasize smokers’ wealth.

Sobranie cigarettes were always considered an elite brand. They were smoked by diplomats and ambassadors, celebrities and sportsmen. Moreover, in past they were produced in small quantities and hand made. In addition, the first cigarettes had a unique blend of several sorts of tobacco. There was a superb sort of Greek tobacco – Oriental, mixed with Brazilian and Cuban tobaccos.

As a dedication to 130th brand anniversary, the company has created absolutely new cigarettes with a special taste and a modern system for protecting smokers from harmful substances. They invented and presented a special unique air-coal filter.

Sobranie Black Refine cigarettes are considered one of the most expensive brands, but at our shop, you can get it at duty free price. Sobranie Black KS cigarettes contain purified tobacco of the best world tobacco sorts, and even the filter is innovative and made with use of carbon fiber. These cigarettes cause less harm and characterized by a mild pleasant taste and aftertaste. For all connoisseurs of powerful and heavy filter cigarettes, especially when you need to show your status the Sobranie Black will be optimal choice, because Sobranie is a top-class brand.

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